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Welcome to our "How to Wear" guide, where we explore the versatility of scarves across four distinctive categories: Body Scarf, Headscarf, Neck Scarf, and Top. Discover the endless possibilities of styling with scarves, and learn how these timeless accessories can effortlessly elevate your wardrobe. Let's unlock the art of scarf fashion and transform your look today!


 A stylish and creative twist with our classic Body Scarf style, we are in love with style on Annaliese Dayes. The perfect it-girl addition to any outfit.
A simple knot on two corners pieces, grab both notes and voilà, you're ready for the day!

 Upgrade any outfit with a pop of colour as a belted accessory. We love the bold look of a cinched high waist belt seen above or the simple pop of colour as a classic belt swap-out seen below.


Show off the unique artwork with a simple over the shoulder shawl that can be tied and tried in more ways than we can count. A few of our favourites stylings include:
- Simple front knot
- Extra chic with a stylish ring
Another super unique style we love... over the shoulder and tied into a shirt. An effortless style with the maximum wow factor. Styled by Noemi Jouas


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